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Lobo Hills | Wine – Food – People

Winery of the Year – Compass Wines – Anacortes, WA

Doug Charles, owner of Compass Wines in Anacortes, Washington, huddles with his staff every year and together they rank their favorite wines and winery. One lucky winemaker will have their wine name “Wine of the Year.” Another lucky winemaker will have their winery named “Winery of the Year.”

No retailer is better equipped for such a task. Doug will not take offense if I say he is a veteran in the wine business. In January 2013, he was given the Walter Clore Honoriaum by the Washington Wine Commission in their annual “Washington Wine Awards.” In January 2014, Compass Wines received a Grand Award as one of our state’s top retailers.

Therefore, we were not a little shocked to learn that Compass Wines awarded us their “2013 Winery of the Year.” Their piece on us from their newsletter follows:

2013 Washington Winery of the Year

Lobo Hills

Tony Dollar from tiny Lobo Hills came to us out of the blue this year and we frankly did not know what to expect. What we got was a really serious selection of reds and whites that pretty much blew us away. He had 4 different wines nominated by the staff for this list, which is hands down the most we have ever seen from one winery. A really important discovery for all Washington wine lovers.

For more, see Compass Wines.

Vineyard Line

Lobo Hills is pleased to announce the release of our new vineyard line. The wines under this label are from single vineyards or from site-selected vineyards that are listed on the bottle. All were crafted for food and released in highly limited quantities. More information is on our wine page, but below is an example of the new label.

Front - Syrah-Cabernet

PGR White Blend News – Lobo Hills is pleased to announce that our 2011 PGR White Wine was selected as the Best White Blend from the Columbia AVA. Our 2009 Right Bank Blend was a finalist in the red blend category. Each August, Seattle Magazine ranks the Best Wines from Washington state’s Winegrowing Regions. This ranking is done blind by our region’s leading sommeliers and wine stewards. Please note that Seattle Magazine misprinted that the vintage year as 2010. PGR’s first release was 2011. Nonetheless, Lobo Hills is excited to see our PGR White Wine honored. Alas, our 2011 vintage is sold out; but, our 2012 vintage (same blend) is available for purchase through us directly or at various retail locations, including Pike & Western Wine Shop, PCC Natural Markets and other locations.

For more information on the awards program, please see: Seattle Magazine

2011 PGR Brand

Lobo Hills 2010 White Blend, Columbia Valley, $16

The Columbia Valley spans most of eastern Washington, from the southern tip of Lake Chelan in the north to the Columbia Gorge in the south, encompassing the Yakima Valley east to Walla Walla. There’s no one description that is sufficient for wines that come from this area. But one factor is consistent: The area has hot days, but nights are cool during the ripening period, which helps grapes keep their fresh flavors and acidity. Growers can control almost every drop of water with irrigation, which makes for more crop predictability and less chance of flavor dilution in the wines. This white blend of Pinot Gris (50 percent), Gewürztraminer (40 percent) and Riesling (10 percent) focuses on the cooler-climate grapes grown in the Yakima Valley area of the Columbia Valley AVA. Bright and aromatic, this blend of three Alsatian grapes mixes the sweet fruit and floral aromas of Gewürztraminer with lean minerality of Riesling and soft peachiness of Pinot Gris.
Columbia Valley White Blends, $20 or Less Finalists:

Bergevin Lane 2010 Calico White, Columbia Valley, $14
Eye of the Needle Harvest White NV, Columbia Valley, $9.99