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Wine Tastings

While the tasting room may be closed during the COVID closure, we will continue to offer tastings to groups up to 5 people. Each group will be seated in a separate heated canopy tent for maximum safety. Even though it's heated, dress in warm attire. We will also have a smaller wine menu offering than usual, so if you have a favorite, please note that in your reservation or call us at 425-485-1097. Our standard appetizer menu with artisanal cheese and meat will also be available. Make your reservation now.

Popcorn & Wine Pairing


At Lobo Hills we're popping into the new year, literally! National Popcorn Day is January 19th and we're ringing in the day with another round of popcorn and wine pairing on January 29-31.

We're curating our menu now with Cobb's Gourmet Popcorn and a few new and current favorite wines. If you'd like to enjoy the pairing at our tasting room (in our heated tents), reservations will be required.

Event dates:
Jan 29, 30, 31
Event time:
Fri 3pm-7pm, Sat-Sun 12-6pm
Event Fee:
$10 ($5 for wine club members)
Group Size:
5 people or less (each group will be seated in a separate tent for maximum safety)

Reserve your spot!

What is a balanced wine?

Good wine is like a string quartet, every instrument playing at just the right volume for the song. Except instead of violins and violas the instruments are acid, alcohol, sugar, tannin, and water. Some wines are too sweet and high-alcohol (you may have heard of “fruit bombs”), and others are too acidic or have out of control tannins. Our goal is not to make wine that blows away your taste buds like a rock opera, but something balanced that gives them something to enjoy and think about.

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