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Group Tastings

Lobo Hills Group Tastings

Standard Tastings - You pick any 5 wines to taste from our vast wine tasting menu of more than 20 wines (reds and whites). $20/person

Tasting Flights w/Small Bites - We offer 3 unique flight options, paired with a curated sampler-size charcuterie plate. Choose a flight that is red or white only, or red and white wines. $30/person

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Special Event

Friday Night BYOD!

March 1, 2024 03:00PM


Looking for a place to wind down on a Friday night? Bring your own dinner (BYOD!) is here every Friday night. Have take out delivered to you while you enjoy a glass or bottle. Glass pours are $9 for select wines.

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Special Event

Library Tasting w/Winemaker Tony Dollar

March 16, 2024 12:00PM


Join us for a special library tasting with winemaker Tony Dollar. He's handpicking a flight of 5 older vintages from our library that will take you on a tasting journey of his past 13 years of winemaking. What he's pulling from the library is a mystery, but will be revealed soon.

Space is limited to 20 people.

$40/guest (Tony wants to focus 100% on the wine, so small food pairing bites will follow your tasting experience)

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Special Event

Experience Cheese w/ Daniel

March 23, 2024 12:00PM

12PM (one seating only)

Coming to Lobo Hills on March 23 is special guest artisan cheesemaker, Daniel Wavrin. Daniel is an award winning Cheese Artisan and passionate Washington wine country native, who will lead you, along with our Lobo team, through a sensory workshop that demonstrates the relationship between artisan made farmstead cheese and our perception and enjoyment of wine.


(Each ticket includes Signature 7oz. Daniel’s Artisan Reserve Cheese Wedge to be enjoyed at home ($10 retail value), plus a guided cheese and wine tasting experience with five 1.5 oz of handmade farmstead artisan cheeses and 5 Lobo Hill wines. Lobo Hills will be offering a 15% discount* on all wines paired with the cheeses).

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* Discount available on purchases made during the event only. Membership discounts do not apply.


2022 Chardonnay, Yakima Valley paired with:
Fior di Latte
(Fresh Mozzarella) - Fior di Latte, or "blossom of milk" translated in English, is a fresh, whole milk mozzarella with a delicate flavor and texture. They make this cheese the old fashioned way using Italian cultures instead of vinegar to give you the full mozzarella flavor that this well-known cheese deserves.

2020 Merlot paired with:
Fontina - A rich and creamy aged cheese with a smooth, almost silky texture. Their whole milk version of this cheese has a natural rind as opposed to the washed-rind style produced in the valleys of northern Italy. It has a complex floral and sweet flavor with butterscotch or brown sugar notes, and less pungent than the washed rind versions of this cheese.

2020 Cabernet Sauvignon, Wahuke Slope paired with:
- a decadent double cream wheel, washed in Syrah over several weeks as it reaches maturity. Savor the aroma of the grapes as you bring this cheese to your lips, giving you a taste of Dubrul Vineyards Estate wine from Cote Bonneville. This vineyard is special to Daniel because it was planted in 1992 the year he was born, and in his hometown within the Yakima Valley. The extra cream is added to an already rich milk, lending to the fudgy texture and deep yellow color.

2020 Malbec paired with:
Asiago Fresco- Their Asiago Fresco uses cow’s milk that is cheese pressed into a thin wheel with a firm and somewhat open texture, and is styled after the Pressata style of this cheese in Italy which is typically only aged 2-3 months. The whole milk gives this young version a sharp and grassy flavor.

2018 Anthony Cellars Three Vineyards paired with:
Roundbale- The flavor profile background of this Pacific Northwest Original Parmesan cheese is distinctly nutty with a subtle sweetness in the mid palate reminiscent of a well aged Parmigiano, but finishes with a tropical fruit note. ACS Winner in 2019 - 1st Place USA Parmesan. Truly the top quality “Grana” or hard-grating style cheese.

Wine Education

Riedel Sensory Tasting Event

March 29, 2024 06:00PM

This event is sold out. If you'd like to add your name to the waitlist, please email info@lobohills.com.


We're excited to have a sensory expert from Riedel Crystal of America back to our Woodinville tasting room who will guide you through a unique wine tasting demonstration. In 1 1/2 hours, you'll engage in an experience that takes your senses on a journey which shows the relationship between the shape of a glass and our perception and enjoyment of wine. The first time we hosted this event, everyone agreed that what you experience will take you by surprise!

During the event, you'll taste through four different varietals in four unique Riedel Veloce wine glasses that include:

Sauvignon Blanc

Oaked Chardonnay

Pinot Noir


Date/Time/Location: March 29, 6PM @ the Lobo Hills Tasting Room

Event Fee:
$75/person [Includes: tasting of 4 wines, plus a set of 4 Riedel Veloce glasses that retail for $178. Light bites will be provided. Bottle purchases and wine by the glass will be available.]

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What does “minimal interventionist” mean?

Many wines today are more akin to a twinkie than a loaf of bread. The industrialization of wine production has demanded that wine taste the same year after year, and as such most domestic wine has been shaped by way of chemical additives. We think wine is best when we let it do its thing, so our winemaking techniques are more hands-off, with little to nothing added to the wine during or after fermentation.

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