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The Wine Society

For those who truly love well-balanced wine, we’ve created the Lobo Hills Wine Society. With traditional wine club membership, and our new subscription and Anthony Cellars Reserve option, there’s something for everyone!

For the explorer

Traditional Clubs

It's all about the experience. Customize your shipment or have us curate. Plus enjoy opportunities for limited releases and exclusive events.

  • Frequency: 3 times a year
  • 3, 6 or 12 bottles per shipment
  • discounts on all purchases
  • Pause or cancel anytime
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For the regulars

Subscription Club

Enjoy wine when you want it. Choose the frequency that works for you. Customize each shipment or let it ride.

  • Discount shipping ($30+ purchases)
  • 10-15% discount on all purchases
  • Only $30 minimum
  • Pause or cancel anytime
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For the collector

Anthony Cellars Reserve Club

Premier wines handpicked by the winemaker. Enjoy now, or cellar for 20 years. One release per year, with varietals changing annually.

  • 12 bottles in 12 month period
  • 20% discount (Anthony Cellars wine only)
  • Discount ground shipping
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For the explorer & collector

Traditional & Winemaker Clubs

Our Wine Society Traditional Clubs ship you new releases three times a year. There are three membership levels. You pick your wines or we curate for you. Our winemaker club, Anthony Cellars Reserve, releases new wines annually or bi-annually. You choose when you get your shipment within 12 months. More details below.

Wine Society No. 1

Core Club

3 bottles, 3 times a year

  • 10% discount on all purchases
  • 9 bottles each year (3 bottles per release)
  • Invitations to all release parties (+1 permitted)
  • Free tastings (for member only)
  • Average cost $75-$150 per allocation
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Wine Society No. 2

Vineyard Club

6 bottles, 3 times a year

  • 15% discount on all purchases
  • 18 bottles each year (6 bottles per release)
  • Invitations to all release parties (+2 permitted)
  • Free tastings (for member only)
  • Average cost $225-$300 per allocation
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Wine Society No. 3

Reserve Club

12 bottles, 3 times a year

  • 20% discount on all purchases
  • 36 bottles each year (12 bottles per release)
  • Access to limited edition and library wines
  • Invitations to all release parties and special events including Reserve Society events (+4 permitted)
  • Free tastings (member + 2 guests)
  • Discount shipping on $150+ purchases
  • Average cost $325-$450 per allocation
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Wine Society No. 4

Anthony Cellars Reserve Club

12 bottles within 12 months

  • 20% wine discounts on any Anthony Cellars wine (only)*
  • Exclusive invitation to Anthony Cellars events
  • Free tastings of Anthony Cellars and Lobo Hills Wines (reservation required for Anthony Cellars tasting)
  • Invitation to all Lobo Hills Wine Club events
  • Cork replacement after 20 years aging (for you with extensive cellars)
  • Anthony Cellars wines will be released one time per year, with varietals varying each year.

*Membership discounts not combined with Lobo Hills club memberships. A $150 fee charged if 12 bottles not purchased within 12 months of membership start date.

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For the regulars

Subscription Club

Our Wine Society Subscription Club couldn’t be simpler: pick the wines you want (or leave that up to us) and we’ll ship them to you every month. Plus, get an additional 10% off your first order!

Wine Society No. 5

Monthly Subscription

Delivered to your door

  • Discounts on ground shipping with $30+ purchases
  • 10% discount on purchase of 2 bottles
  • 15% discount on purchase 3+ bottles
  • Pause or cancel your subscription anytime
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Let’s Talk Traditional Club Details


What if I have more questions or need extra some help?

You can call us at 425-485-1097, send an email to, or stop by our tasting room. We just happen to know a lot about our wine!


How do shipments and pickup work?

Wine allocations can be picked up in the tasting room, or you can select shipping to your home (charges might be applied, depending on your membership type). All wine shipments take 3-5 business days to arrive to you. A notification will be sent to you with your delivery details.


Can I bring friends and family for free tastings?

Traditional club members will enjoy unlimited free tastings. Your membership level determines who will enjoy tastings with you.


Will you charge my credit card for each allocation?

For Traditional Club members, credit card charges are processed automatically, three times a year, based on the new release schedule. Subscription Club members will be charged based on the scheduled wine order, charges are processed prior to shipping.


Can I change any of the wines in my allocation?

Yes! Winemaker picks are suggestions only. If you have a favorite, we encourage swapping out.


Can I change my membership level?

Absolutely! You can make changes any time in your Account Dashboard. Just get in touch with us if you need more help.


Do you have exclusive events just for Traditional Club members?

As a member, you'll enjoy exclusive invitations to each new release (we love pairing new wines with foods from some of our favorite restaurants) and other events like a Library Tasting. Check out our list of events for more information.


Do I need to renew my membership?

No worries, no hassle. We'll renew your membership automatically every year.


What if I need to pause or cancel my membership?

No problem. Just head over to your Account Dashboard and select the club you want to edit. Then select "Put your club on hold" or "Cancel club."

What does “minimal interventionist” mean?

Many wines today are more akin to a twinkie than a loaf of bread. The industrialization of wine production has demanded that wine taste the same year after year, and as such most domestic wine has been shaped by way of chemical additives. We think wine is best when we let it do its thing, so our winemaking techniques are more hands-off, with little to nothing added to the wine during or after fermentation.

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