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Our Tasting Room will be closed all day this Saturday for a private event.

Pop in for a little sparkling wine and food pairing on Mar 26.

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Lobo Hills is about wine, food, and people. Together they create the perfect intersection of life.

Our Wine Philosophy

Minimally-Influenced Wines

Wine has always been a craft of tradition and exploration. Lately however, wine has become louder. A little shout-y. And we think there’s something missing in all the maximalism. It's why we craft our wine with restraint, so it pairs perfectly with food and friends.

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Anthony Cellars

Celebrating 10 years of unsparing craftsmanship.

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Fermentation on Rocks?

Most vineyards pull up stones and toss them aside, leaving the soil easier for the vines to burrow into. Left in place however, the roots of the vines (which are incredibly strong) would have broken through the rocks, absorbing their minerality into the fruit. By placing the rocks into the fermentation vessel, you give the wine an opportunity to take into itself what it was deprived of by having it prematurely removed.

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