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Tasting Fees: We offer two tasting experiences: Lobo Hills Group Tasting ($10/person) and Anthony Cellars Special Tasting ($25/person, includes a charcuterie platter).

Not Vaccinated: For all who are vaccinated, no masks are required indoors. If you have not yet been vaccinated, we will ask that you mask up when indoors, though you can remove the mask once at the table (no bar seating allowed).

Group Size: We require reservations for groups of 6 or more. We recommend reservations for groups up to 5 people.

Outdoor Seating: Please note in your reservation if you'd like to be seated outside. We have space for one party with 1-4 people.

Reservation Time: Each reservation is for 90 minutes. We walk you through each wine that you taste, so 90 minutes is typically how long you will be with us.

Food Menu: We offer an appetizer menu with artisanal cheese and French-aged salami. Complimentary snacks available too!

Running Late: If you're going to be late, please call us as we will likely have someone coming in right after you. When we don't hear from you, we hold your table for 15 minutes, then offer it to walk-in guests.

Still have questions... give us a call at 425-485-1097.

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The Lobo Hills Team

What is a balanced wine?

Good wine is like a string quartet, every instrument playing at just the right volume for the song. Except instead of violins and violas the instruments are acid, alcohol, sugar, tannin, and water. Some wines are too sweet and high-alcohol (you may have heard of “fruit bombs”), and others are too acidic or have out of control tannins. Our goal is not to make wine that blows away your taste buds like a rock opera, but something balanced that gives them something to enjoy and think about.

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