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Just a few things to know...

Outdoor Seating: after December 4, we will have a large heated tent that can seat two groups of 5 at one time. Though heated, we recommend dressing in very warm attire.

Masks: we're all wanting to be safe, and state requirements indicate that masks must be worn in public places, though you can remove your mask once seated at the table.

Reservation Time: each reservation is for 90 minutes.

Still have questions... give us a call at 425-485-1097.

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The Lobo Hills Team

How old is this in wine years?

Wine has a complicated relationship with oxygen. From the moment wine is put in a bottle, the minuscule amount of oxygen contained therein begins to break down the wine and “age” it, mellowing some flavors and accentuating others. Aging can be a very good thing, and many wines age beautifully for decades before beginning to lose their structure. For Lobo Hills wines, look for our aging gauge for optimum drinkability.

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