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Indoor Seating: We're now seating indoors for groups for up to 6 people. Though inside, the roll-up door will be open, so dress warmly. If you prefer outdoors, we have a heated tent with space for a single group up to 6 people. With such limited seating in our tasting room, our tasting menu is smaller than usual, so if you have a favorite, please note that in your reservation or call us at 425-485-1097. Our standard appetizer menu with artisanal cheese and meat will also be available.

Masks: we're all wanting to be safe, and state requirements indicate that masks must be worn in public places, though you can remove your mask once seated at the table.

Reservation Time: each reservation is for 90 minutes.

Still have questions... give us a call at 425-485-1097.

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The Lobo Hills Team

What does “minimal interventionist” mean?

Many wines today are more akin to a twinkie than a loaf of bread. The industrialization of wine production has demanded that wine taste the same year after year, and as such most domestic wine has been shaped by way of chemical additives. We think wine is best when we let it do its thing, so our winemaking techniques are more hands-off, with little to nothing added to the wine during or after fermentation.

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